Careers  |  (613) 345-4092

Careers  |  (613) 345-4092

Who We Are

The Brockville and District Association for Community Involvement (BDACI or COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT) is a non-profit, charitable organization, founded by family members, to work with, and on behalf of, children and adults who are identified as having an intellectual disability. BDACI is a member of a provincial federation of local associations called Community Living Ontario and through this provincial body we are also a member of the national body, the Canadian Association for Community Living, known as Inclusion Canada, which represents over 400 associations across Canada. BDACI believes in the strength of community, the beauty of interdependence, and the dignity of belonging. Our communities and neighborhoods are most vibrant when we are ALL a part of them. We provide individualized support to people with an intellectual disability as they pursue chosen, valued roles and life in community. This support is designed and aligned to every aspect of people’s lives including their goals, plans, and pursuits for education and learning, employment, family support, housing, recreation, and advocacy. We also support individuals and families in assessing and securing financial resources and supports from the Ministry of Community Children and Social Services (MCCSS), Developmental Services Ontario (DSO), including but not limited to Special Services at Home (SSAH) funding for children,  “Passport”  funding for adults, Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities (ACSD), and others.

Caregiver Respite: Do you need a break? We help with that, too.

Through the Ministry of Children Community and Social Services, individualized and direct respite funding is available to children and youth who have been diagnosed with either an intellectual disability, a physical disability, or autism spectrum disorder in the Leeds Grenville counties. Families may use this funding to purchase out-of-home support, in order for a child to participate in community activities; or in-home support, so the child can experience activities in a familiar setting with or without a parent present.

Families may refer themselves or may go through one of the following agencies:

  • Brockville & District Association for Community Involvement
  • Community Living North Grenville
  • Developmental Services of Leeds & Grenville
  • Children’s Mental Health of Leeds & Grenville
Applications are accepted annually for support between April 1 – March 31. Deadline for applications is typically the end of February each year.  People are notified of their application status by March 31. Late applications are not accepted as the requests often far exceed the budget available. A new application must be completed each year. Eligible families are prioritized for funding based on these factors:
  • Priority is given to families who have no other funding for support;
  • The needs of the child and family; and
  • The proposed cost of their requested plan.

If you need this support, please apply in time for the deadline as there is limited funding available. If you have questions, please contact us at

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