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Over the years, choice around where a person with a disability may live was extremely limited. In fact, where someone lived was often determined by whether or not a spot opened up with an agency. The choice was simply to take the placement or not.

As times have changed and we now appreciate everyone’s right to direct their lives, and that people living with a disability have the same opportunities to create a home of their own – a home that is truly a place they would love to live.

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Where Would You Love to Live?

Consider this…

  • Use this as an opportunity to dream. Don’t get caught up in logistics like who will provide support or manage the finances. These can be addressed at a later time. Start with the dream.
  • The goal is to identify those aspects of home that truly matter to the person.
  • BDACIis here to help – we can support you with thinking and planning on resources, budgeting and even the more fun stuff about figuring out where we live like furnishing and decorating your home!

Remember: The BDACI facilitation team is here to help you plan the life you want. Our facilitators are here to explore and review the questions below with you. There is support available and you don’t have to do this alone. Connect with us at or call 613-345-4092.

  1. Ask the people in the group to share with you what they love most about their own home.
  2. Discuss with the group some of the factors and preferences that were critical in their decision to choose where they live? Why did they choose their home?
  3.  Explore some of the things that are important to you in choosing your ideal home.

Would you prefer:

  • A house or an apartment?
  • To rent or own your home?
  • To live with family, a friend or a roommate?
  • Would you prefer living in a city or in the country?
  • A location close to family or friends, or to your job?

Take time to consider many of the variables that will help a person create a home of their own


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