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We need your help! Help us protect the legal rights of people with a disability in Ontario

Last week you received an email from the RDSP Action Coalition outlining a legal issue a person with a developmental disability may face after 2023 when trying to open an RDSP. While the federal government has a temporary measure in place, it will expire in 2023. This means that the only way a person with a disability who may not have legal capacity can open an RDSP is if another person becomes their legal guardian. Imagine someone having to relinquish ALL THEIR LEGAL RIGHTS simply to open an RDSP. And there are other situations where guardianship will be required in order to access and use an RDSP.


The RDSP Action Group’s advocacy campaign has received a positive response. But we still need your help to spread the word.


Please encourage the families you support to visit to learn more about the issue and what they can do to help. You can visit our social media platforms to share our posts and contact Natalie Jones at to receive materials you can share on your social media platforms,


The RDSP Action Coalition is comprised of representatives from Autism OntarioCommunity Living OntarioFamily Alliance OntarioPooranLaw and Partners for Planning.




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