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Getting Started

Check Out These Videos Get Started Video Andrew and Dakota met in highschool and have been good friends ever since. Both are young adults and share many of the same goals for their lives. They’re becoming more established in their jobs, are learning new skills and are working towards setting up their own homes. […]

Putting it All into Action

Change rarely happens without intention. There is a world of possibilities out there and you need to think about all the things you’re interested in and what you want to pursue – from making friends and having fun, to learning new things and figuring out just what kind of work you want to do. You’ve […]

Giving back to your neighbourhood?

Volunteering or giving back to your neighbourhood can be a great way to become engaged with your community, share your gifts and talents, build confidence, learn new skills and meet new people. There are formal volunteer positions you might consider, but also informal things you can do to support your family and neighbours. Check Out […]

What’s fun for you?

Even when it comes to having fun, opportunities for people living with a disability have been limited to special programs and supports. Most people had very few opportunities. Contrast that with the unlimited opportunities people in the general public have for fun and it’s a big issue. There is no reason why every person in […]

How will you make friends?

Studies have found one in four young people report they have no close friends at all, Zero and 75 % of young people wish they had more friends. If you feel lonely or would like more friends you are not alone. So many of us feel that we would like more friends. It seems like […]

Where would you love to live?

Over the years, choice around where a person with a disability may live was extremely limited. In fact, where someone lived was often determined by whether or not a spot opened up with an agency. The choice was simply to take the placement or not. As times have changed and we now appreciate everyone’s right […]

What kind of work do you want to do?

Employers have recognized that people with disabilities provide a reliable and valuable source of labour. For them, it’s all about being profitable and employees who have a disability have demonstrated they can make businesses better. Paid work can make a real difference in a person’s life. It creates a sense of purpose, generates income, provides […]

What and how do you want to learn?

At BDACI we value inclusive education. Meaning we want to see people with an intellectual or developmental disability fully included with their peers in regular education, with appropriate support from early childhood through to post-secondary and adult life-long learning. We also know that learning doesn’t only take place in school classrooms. This is why BDACI […]

Taking Charge of Your Life: An Introduction

Are you looking for ways to take charge of your life? Here’s How It was only a few short years ago that we as a society felt that the best place for people with an intellectual disability was in a special program. This meant that people’s choices were limited to the special programs that were […]

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