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It was only a few short years ago that we as a society felt that the best place for people with an intellectual disability was in a special program. This meant that people’s choices were limited to the special programs that were available in their community. Many people feel that, compared to everyone else in their community, choices for people who have a disability have been historically unfairly limited. Thankfully, we are coming to appreciate that every person belongs and contributes to their community; that each person is an individual with their own preferences and gifts; and that people with a disability have the right to choose and control every aspect of their lives just like everyone else. This is what taking charge of your life is all about and it starts with thinking about just what kind of life you want to live. Be sure to watch all the videos, but let’s start here with David who is now taking charge of his life. Andrew and Dakota met in highschool and have been good friends ever since. Both are young adults and share many of the same goals for their lives. They’re becoming more established in their jobs, are learning new skills and are working towards setting up their own homes. In each of these areas, there are things they would like to continue doing and new things they’re hoping to try or work towards.

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Remember: The BDACI facilitation team is here to help you plan the life you want. Our facilitators will help you explore ideas, map out a plan and assist you to secure the resources needed.  There is support available and you don’t have to do this alone. Connect with us at or call 613-345-4092.

As you discuss new ideas and begin trying new things, it will open up new opportunities and new priorities for you.

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