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Supreme Court of Canada rejects Nova Scotia's appeal of human rights case

On April 14th, the Supreme Court of Canada found in favour of Nova Scotia’s Disability Rights Coalition (DRC) and rejected the Province’s application for permission to file a Notice of Appeal. The Nova Scotia’s Court of Appeal decision now stands. The decision ruled that there is ample evidence that the way the Nova Scotia government provides support to persons with disabilities puts them at a unique disadvantage. This includes prolonged unjustified institutionalization, years-long waits to receive services that they are entitled to or having to relocate to receive those services.


The original case, brought forward by 3 plaintiffs forcibly confined to institutions and the Disability Rights Coalition of Nova Scotia, sought to end decades of forcible confinement of people with disabilities in institutions and congregate care settings. The rejection of the government of Nova Scotia’s appeal sets a strong precedent in Canada that the institutionalization of people with disabilities amounts to a human rights abuse. 

 This monumental decision will impact the Nova Scotia government’s approach to housing people in the community and will influence similar housing strategies across the country. 

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