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Did You Know … the Disability Tax Credit is 

about much more than saving money and reducing taxes.

The DTC also opens the door to several other important financial benefits for people with a disability that can significantly enhance the financial security of your loved one.

On its own, the DTC can help reduce income taxes in order to offset some of the extra costs people living with a disability may incur. But perhaps an even greater benefit are the other programs you may be eligible for once you have been approved for the DTC.

This webcast will provide an overview of the DTC, the application process and other tips that people with disabilities, their families, and professional advisors should be aware of.

Webcast topics include:


·     Applying for the Disability Tax Credit

·     Benefits of the DTC

·     DTC and the Registered Disability Savings Plan

·     Impact of a disability vs. diagnosis in eligibility for the DTC

·     Tips for completing the T2201 form

The Disability Tax Credit

Monday, April 15 at 7pm

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