Connections: Respite With a Purpose



All families need a break from the stresses of everyday life. Sometimes this means a break from one another. Typical parents and families with members having intellectual or physical disabilities, or autism spectrum disorder often find themselves with limited opportunities for intervals of rest or relief. When families get respite, it must be provided in a manner that best reflects their style, interests and needs.

The mission of the Respite Program has two other components as well. For the community, the objective is to enhance in involvement of people with disabilities and to improve the community�s capacity to include all individuals. For people with disabilities, the mission is to help to meet new people and to create opportunities to develop stable long-term relationships and to initiate positive experiences that are new, comfortable, interesting and enjoyable.

The vision of the Respite Program is that all families will have the necessary supports and opportunities for respite that they require to build and maintain strong and healthy family relationships. These intervals of relief will be tailored to meet the needs and style of the family and will provide a positive experience for the person with a disability.


� To provide respite in a manner that offers families choice, flexibility,
   and individualized support and offers the person with a disability a positive experience.
� To accommodate for the fact that families with members who have disabilities often
   do not have the same typical opportunities for breaks from the responsibility necessary periods to relief.

� To strengthen families and help families stay together longer by providing necessary periods of relief.
� To create new relationships for the person with a disability.
� To provide new opportunities and experiences for the person with a disability
   and allow them
to broaden their sense of community.

� To increase the community presence and participation of people with disabilities,
   so that community will become more welcoming and accepting.

Host Family Program


COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT has been operating a Host Family Program for the past 30 years throughout Leeds and Grenville. The host family program matches people with disabilities with families in the community. It strengthens natural families by providing respite and also gives the person with a disability a chance to get to know other people and try different experiences.

Host families are volunteers who open their homes, and welcome a person with a disability to share in their life. The host families find it a richly rewarding experience as they learn that there is more to a person than their disability.

The person with a disability also benefits, by staying with a host family. They build new relationships and encounter many different experiences.


Learn How to Become a Host Family

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