Careers  |  (613) 345-4092

Careers  |  (613) 345-4092

We can accomplish so much – together.

There’s a place for you here if you want it and have the time, capacity, and resources to give. We welcome as much participation and support as we can get in pursuing a more inclusive society for all people. There are a few ways to get involved.

Become a member:

When you become a member of BDACI you’re actually joining an active, growing, and strong movement for equity, inclusion, and community for all. As a BDACI member you become a part of the provincial association, Community Living Ontario, and also the Canadian Association for Community Living or Inclusion Canada. This means you become a part of change that is taking place at the local, provincial, national, and international levels!

As a member you will contribute systemic change and process through advocacy at the provincial and national associations of community living. You will also gain voting privileges at the BDACI Annual General Meeting and access to a wide range of workshops and seminars, conferences, and educational opportunities available to families and people with an intellectual disability. The cost to become a member is $15.00 annually which in turn is re-directed to BDACI’s supports and services to people with an intellectual disability.

Maybe a Committee is More Your Thing:

The best, and often most successful, movements and organizations are able to achieve their goals with the help of a committee or two, or three! Committee volunteers generously offer their time, expertise, talents and abilities, or helping hands for key tasks, events, or other initiatives. BDACI welcomes your support and ideas in this area.

Donate – every gift makes a difference and delivers long-lasting impacts:

While BDACI is funded by Ministry of Children and Community Social Services, generous individual, family, and corporate donations help us to move the dial even further on our vision and goals and provide direct assistance to people with an intellectual disability and their families. Your donation can take whatever form and purpose that suits you:

  • General, one-time or recurring gift;
  • A gift through your Will and/or other Planned Giving strategies; or
  • A gift in tribute (for birthdays, weddings, other special milestones, or in memorium).

Learn more about ways to give and become involved by contacting our Executive Director, Kimberley Gavan at 613.345.4092 ext. 40 or e-mail

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