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Careers  |  (613) 345-4092

Community Impact

BDACI has been able to continuously reinvent itself in order to keep pace with the changing perceptions of the roles that people with intellectual disabilities can play in Canadian society. This has included assisting families with the development of supports that enable a person to actively engage in their chosen roles, and regular advocacy and outreach around empowering people, inclusion, and equity.
The Brockville and District Association for Community Involvement supports, promotes, and believes in our community. We are well connected throughout our community and known for our beliefs around and encouragement for inclusions. We provide training opportunities for community partners. We answer our communities calls for help when volunteers are needed. We provide input, experience, time, and skills to our community’s needs.
Interesting People we are connected to:

Gordon Ferguson – Advocate, Author, Public speaker, and Homeowner

Gordon was a calm and humble pioneer. He comprehended what he needed to do and discreetly figured out how to do it. He was the definition of determined and is fondly remembered in the Brockville community. 

His advocacy work on behalf of people with disabilities is historic. He was the founding member of People First Brockville, a long-time board member with Brockville & District Association for Community Involvement and a past board member of Community Living Ontario.

With his confidence, he followed his vision for his future and his inspirational point of view had been the deciding element to his prosperity. He realized what he needed throughout his life and became the voice that had to talk about it. He was steady in his convictions and concentrated on the virtues that he held dear to his heart. He showed individuals what were essential to him and he followed through on his passions. His proudest accomplishment, other than wedding his significant other Donna, the role he played in closing the institutions in Ontario. His life had been rich with committed loved ones who have profited by his insight and thoughtfulness.

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