Hello Everyone:

I am reaching out with some updates.  Before launching into that detail, I wanted to first of all let you know how appreciative I am of those working for BDACI and its families.  You continue to be flexible and responsive to the needs of those we serve.  I have heard from the coordinators and families that many of you are reaching out – checking in – offering additional support, and that speak volumes to how committed you are.  Thank you!

Also there is a message from our minister attached too – have a look at that.

Self screening – this week we had to fine tune our self screening tool. 

Just a reminder that you are to ask the questions of those your seeing and family homes your entering each and every time to arrive.

If your not well – you need to stay home

If you have travelled or live with someone who has travelled – you need to self isolate and to stay in touch with us if any of that changes

Support expectations – remain the same

If a family prefers that you not continue to provide support – then report to your coordinator- you will be reassigned or we will figure out a situation for you.

Otherwise – your schedules remain the same.

The type of support you provide might have to look a little different, limiting participation in public spaces and places, practicing social distancing and teaching those you support about precautionary measures.

We are doing a little shuffling ONLY where it makes sense for the person and the support worker – so that they are not working with multiple people. We ask for your cooperation in this matter.

Office – Yes we are still here and working, however; in order to limit the traffic – we initiated a front door screening protocol this week.

Next week we are moving to a “closed” office .  What does that mean?  If you need to speak to someone you should call, if your dropping off time sheets or invoices then you need to use the mail box.  If you require more forms – call and they will be ready for pick up.  You will not be allowed entrance to the office for the time being.

We have moved the office around a little ( not sharing tight space or coming together to meet– we are practicing social distancing also and strict precautionary measures- to do our part)

If you have questions – or concerns – please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly – its better to ask the question than wonder.

Again – thank you for all that you are doing to lessen panic, provide support and ensuring our BDACI community is working together to stay strong and well.   GREAT JOB ALL!

Kimberley Gavan , Executive Director


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